why god girls remain single            Firstly, what do you think about this? Why should the “good” girls remain single while the “bad” ones keep getting married, I’d like to have your thoughts on this, ruminate on this for a while, I’m sure you’ve heard  or experienced that.

              There is a cultural mentality in some parts of  the world such that young people feel that if they lead a good life personally by not hurting no one not stepping on people’s toes, that they will automatically have  a good marriage, if you wish to have a good marriage, there is a need for you to  know what marriage entails, you need to know what marriage is about, you need to come to the understanding that it is a forever journey.  It is not only about prayer but prayers and knowing how it works, the bible says Wisdom is the principal thing and in all thy getting get understanding, be learned about it.

Choosing to be single isn’t selfish, it’s just smarter than been with the wrong person!

     In any area of life,  you must know what it takes, knowledge is what gives you confidence, it gives you joy, it empowers you because when a challenge arises you are prepared, in ALL thy getting get understanding, know how it works, if you want to get married and you don’t know how to relate with the opposite sex when your husband is there or not you will have problems, if as a brother, I do not learn how ladies want to be treated, so I start relating with them the same way I do with the guys, there would be problems  or i don’t know that when a woman is angry it is a different ball game to when a fellow male is angry I get married just because I think I have behaved well enough I will have the best of marriages it will get to a time the wife will not be satisfied with me and it might cause the marriage to crash. Life is governed by principles, To Learn is to live and to not learn is to be dead!!!

      “For every area of life, there are principles that govern it. Life will not excuse you for violating any of them because you are a good girl or a good guy. The sun shines on both the righteous and the unrighteous

      Young people develop such standards that they want their man to be maybe because they have not come to the understanding that no one can satisfy them no matter what qualifications or assets or whatever possessions. time and chance happens to them all, some ladies are like I want my husband to be T.D.H.(Tall Dark and Handsome) with plenty money  and we brothers also have our own plans like she should have this and that…., all sort of things, having standards are not bad but be purposeful about setting standards, think about it, if your husband cheats on you, would you remember The rain also falls on both the good and the bad. The same principle applies to everyone – good or bad. It is good to be good but being good is not the only condition to get a man. “

      Now speaking on how great being a good girl is, a good girl is that person the bible was talking about that “beloved I wish that thou mayest prosper even as thy soul prospers” you see it is all in the Bible, your physical self must prosper as your spirit also prospers,    your packaging sense, improvement of yourself should not be taken away in the name of trying to been “good”  you see a lady that dresses shabbily, no good dress sense, talks anyhow, a lady that nags whether you claim to be good or bad can not attract any good man! Spirituality is not a license to forgo your creativity, it s not a permission to lose your sense. Notice to the brothers, responsible ladies dislike brothers that sag their trousers!!, guys that cannot button up their shirt properly without opening down their chest( this also applies to Ladies, that think revealing of God’s blessing on you is a way to attract good guys, as a matter of fact, you will only attract your like-minds)!!!

      Now talking about social life, social life is good but in what respect? As a good girl or good guy do you have any time for social duties at all? When was the last time you attended a youth programme or a relationship summit where you learnt principles that govern life marriage and life. That person that is called bad has learnt those things by practising it, she has learnt how guys want to be respected, she knows how important food is to a guy(yummilicious). So she has her hand full of tricks and ways to get her desired man, she has learnt it the wrong way, there are some things you don’t learn by doing and if  it should be by doing it can be in your relationship with male or female friends as the case may be, but you as a good girl as you are waiting for that right person develop yourself, mingle with kingdom minded fellows, grow in God, go out to events, seminars, conferences and you will learn from even more experienced people

       Yes, he has plenty money,would the six packs plus well-built and sexy body matter at that time? Let your standards be characteristics of value know the most important features or  characteristics in a man or woman  that you will need to fulfil purpose, as humans we grow so as time goes on we’d grow out of some things into some things, only things of value will last, God is helping us(Amen).

       There is something in the book called the “Runs-girl mindset” (a runs-girl is a woman that satisfies a man sexually for money, she is the one that has learned how to satisfy her man by whatever means to get a reward mostly inform of cash) but I’d rather call it the “THE INFORMED MIND-SET”, this is the mindset that has understood the psychology and intricacies of man, it has understood how to please a man by practising now I am not saying that anyone should have Runs-girl mindset as a matter of fact as child of God, your purpose as a single is to Know God and to make Him known so doing what a Runs-girl does is against the will of God for us and now know that some of those “Runs-girls” that get married they end up having broken homes because they do not have expectations or standards to live they just do it to get in there and after that their marriages end up crashing so stay in God’s will and your man will come and brothers stay in God’s will develop yourself and when it’s time after you have something that needs help that is when you are fulfilling purpose go for the help-meet God has created for you and it shall be well with you stay in purpose live according to God’s direction and your life will be beautiful in and out. This is just a little of what is loaded in the book, get a copy and read it! You are blessed!

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