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Welcome again To Micah Reviews Online, Seasons Greeting, Happy Easter to all our dear readers, our prayers are with you in this season. It’s a serious time in the world where we are faced with a pandemic caused by the novel Coronavirus #COVID-19, guess what? One way to stay sane and hopeful in the uncharted paths we are navigating in the world is reading books especially stories of successful people with a good foundation. So, that said, let’s review TAKE THE RISK by Dr. Ben Carson.

One thing that is sure to happen after this whole #COVID-19 pandemic is, a lot of things about our lives would be affected and a lot of alterations in the way we use to live our lives would be changed drastically but we are hopeful because according to God’s Word, we will see a lot of falling and a lot of people will be experience downfalls but as for us and our families, we will always have cause to give thanks. Let’s review! zoooooooom!

The life of the author has been one that has particularly been coupled with taking risks of significant gravity like opening people’s heads and bodies and closing it back. Giant level of risks taking!

Read this excerpt about this book: Dr. Ben Carson has conquered many risky situations in his lifetime, both personally and professionally. In Take The Risk, he explains how he looks at life and why God put us here on earth. Reading this book will cause you to examine your approach to living and challenge you to use the gifts God has given you to help others.”

Tony Durgy, Head Coach Indianapolis Colts

In chapter 8 of this book, Mr Carson shared the risks he took while in a Ivy League school; Yale for his pre-med, he faced a great challenge-he faced a significant risk of failure because coming from his background in high school where he was seen as a ‘champion’ having the highest SAT scores in his school but having conversations with other students in Yale, most of them outscored him! whoa! He was faced with either leaving Yale to a lesser school where he would do well comfortably relying on his high school methods or continue in Yale with the uncertainty of scaling through.

Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all


Let’s add some context to this by seeing three of the major risks that Dr. Carson went through in his career and how it shaped his career.

Risk Number One – Thinking in New Ways – As a young professional during his internship in clinical school, Dr. Carson risked the acceptance of his superiors by choosing to thinking of better ways by which procedures(surgery) could be performed in a better way with added certainty.

Risk Number Two – Weighing The Alternatives – Risks were not a scarce thing in the life of young Dr. Ben Carson, one night in the great John Hopkins Hospital, he was faced with a major decision either to operate on a young boy who was rushed in and was losing it and if not, it was clear the by was going to die, looking at the consequence of breaking the rules of a reputable hospital like John Hopkins could do, the uncertainty of facing a more complex case that he hasn’t experienced before or watching the boy die, he took the risk, performed the procedure, and the boy recovered.

Risk Number Three – Making Your Own Decision – Another risk, same man! At this point in Dr. Carson’s career, he was faced with a situation every single person has been faced with, the money decision! Of course, now he was married, he had more responsibilities, he needed more money, the opportunity came, he needed the money but he decided to stay with what was his passion – He know God wanted him to stay in academic medicine giving up a degree of independence and greater financial potential which has since paid off, cases like the Bijanis (one of the two co-joined twins he did surgical procedures on). looking back, he had these the words words to say: “IT PAID OFF”!

Take the Risk: If you win, you will be happy, if you lose, you will be wise


Reading this book will help you relate with the risks you are faced with on a daily basis and the author presents a theory to his risk taking ability by a Best Worst Analysis (BWA) formula simply summarized in 4 statements:

  1. What is the best thing that can happen if I do this?
  2. What is the worst thing that can happen if I do this?
  3. What is the best thing that can happen if I don’t do it?
  4. What is the worst thing that can happen if I don’t do it?

I would say this book is a must read for every young professional not just for anything else but for the simple reason that Dr Carson’s mother who was a very significant figure in Ben Carson’s life gave, he said, she would ask them”Do you have a brain?”, I know you do to be able to read this review, so if you have a brain, use it because that’s all you need to overcome any problem! Making it clear that there s very great potential of the human brain that we are not utilizing and which has placed us exactly where we are in our lives today.

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In conclusion, taking risks as seen in Dr. Carson’s life firstly requires believing you can overcome this risk and applying relevant knowledge to make it work. You have a great resource, a tremendous gift given by God to every man – the more complex organ in the universe which no smart computer can come near its capabilities. I know you are destined to be great, intensely apply your brain, don’t back out even at worrying signals, perform the BWA Analysis, see what’s at stake and TAKE THE RISK!

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