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As it has been the culture here on Micah Reviews, I would be doing an in-depth of the book and I titled it – “THE SPIRIT IS OUR ENVIRONMENT”.


Reviewing from the first chapter – The man in his real fullness is a spirit, a spirit that has a soul and lives in a body, (The human spirit is not the same as the Holy Spirit, it’s the spirit that will give account of all that happened here on earth while in the body, the soul is the combination of thoughts imaginations, and all the names associated with the subconscious mind then they both use the body as a means to interact with the physical earth where man lives, so that’s why the bible says ‘as a man thinks in his heart so is he’ meaning it’s what is in your heart(a syn for your own spirit) that translates to the physical.

“The “Word of God” is not simply the Christian Bible but exists in a threefold form: “The Word” incarnate (Jesus Followers’ King), the word prophesied and proclaimed (Prophets), and the word in scripture (Bible). All three are the self-disclosure of God, The One & Only …in three, distinct & unique Persons, Father, Son, & Holy Spirit.”
― Gary F. Patton

As a matter of truth, we are created to commune with HIM, there are great examples of people that walked in the spirit from the Old Testament to the New testament because that’s how we have been modeled to live by GOD. Look at Enoch, the bible says he walked with God and he was not for God took him! Hmmmm! that’s a level there! He walked in the spirit to the level that God didn’t want him to go just the normal way so he took him! But there is a common component to walking with God, OBEDIENCE!!! Look at Abraham,Enoch Noah,e.t.c they obeyed to the last letter. We need to understand that God is not rough, one of His characters is meekness, He would not barge into your space, He is rather polite, He comes and present Himself so you either accept or reject but the benefits of accepting and walking with HIM is priceless!
Walking in the spirit that is doing everything as led by God’s Spirit, is the way we should live our lives daily, it is looking beyond the physical part of any issue, it is understanding that nothing happens in the physical without having it’s root in the spiritual.

Something to note about walking in the spirit is that sin is a barrier to walking in the spirit, especially in things relating to the Holy Spirit, remember Ananias and his wife, they thought they could deceive HIM by lying but unfortunately for them, their end was tragic, righteousness with God In Christ Jesus, is not a matter of just the knowledge because grace is not a license to sin but freedom from it so appropriating that right standing we have with God makes sin irritating. If Ananias and Sapphira had an understanding of who they are in God, they would have known lying is not who they are and shouldn’t be found in them. Another thing to note is you can’t manufacture life in the spirit, people can deceive men by exhibiting the gifts of the spirit without having the inner fruits of the spirit, the first requirement is be a son or daughter of God, maintain your life with HIM and continue an everyday growth process with HIM. God has made a way of escape for us, It is walking in the spirit. Noah’s spiritual ‘senses’ were alive that’s why during his time he was able to receive instructions on how to escape from disaster. God has also made a way for us if only we we start walking in the spirit. Rev. Hagin has a testimony about this in his book ‘LIVING A SPIRIT-FILLED LIFE’ , He said “there is no one that has died around me, that i didn’t know of earlier, for example in the case of my wife’s father, i knew two years before it eventually happened”, just imagine!!! So walking in the spirit gives you such confidence and rest of mind that you don’t get caught unawares by any incident because you have made proper plans ahead as you got the alert in the spirit.

“The Spirit of God breathes inspiration, while the carnal mind breeds vanity.”
― Fred C. White


There is a difference between a person with great anointing and a person with a strong , there stories of men and women of great anointing and God did great and wonderful miracles through them but they were tempted and their anointing couldn’t keep them from yielding because that’s not the purpose of anointing on them, everything created by God even though can be versatile but has it’s special purpose, it’s not just to do anything but to serve a specific purpose, so an anointing will not save you when you are tempted but your string spirit will. A lot of people prefer to have anointing in the measures of Evang. Joseph Ayo Babalola, Evang. Billy Graham, e.t.c A special anointing is a great thing to have but for it’s operation to be maximal it has to be ‘driven’ on a strong spirit. Our God is not a wimpy God He is strong and mighty (In addition, we can pray for the revelation of God’s might and strength) and He wants His children to also grow and become strong in HIM like HIM so they won’t be tossed around by shades of doctrines and sin. How beautiful is it to know that the Creator of everything loves you.

Let’s take a cue from two people in the Bible; Joseph and Samson, Samson was a man with so much brute and raw strength far more than De Rock, but as the writer put it he described him as a ‘power gone wrong’ he had a very great start to life because of who he is and the gift God gave to him, an angel had to bring the message about him to his mother, to give her guidance and instructions but after all that special awareness the bible says in Judges 16vs 1 ” and Samson saw an harlot in gaza and went in unto her” just in one single verse even with all those great anointing and gift and instructions, he looked at her, she enticed him and he slept with her, all in one verse!!! Now let’s see Joseph, Joseph was a man if troubles right from his birth, he also had awareness before his birth but was not as glorious as Samson’s, he was a man that went through thick and thin that man experienced a lot but his strength is his strongly built spirit! It was this same Joseph that his brothers “hated” he was sold became a servant with potiphar and another temptation came again his master’s wife lied and there he was straight to the prison and he did not still deny God he still kept his relationship with God till his his greatness cane and it was still provoked because he has built a strong spirit.

I guess you have seen some pastors or preachers while on the altar or stage preaching and exhibiting so much anointing and another time you see our hear about them, it is like they are not the sane person that was ministering with do much anointing just recently.

“Those in whom the Spirit comes to live are God’s new Temple. They are, individually and corporately, places where heaven and earth meet.”
― N.T. Wright 

Joseph is just phenomenal after all those things he faced and is now faced with an ‘easy’ route for freedom but he was still able to stand unyielding and say to Pharaoh’s wife ; ‘my boss, your husband has given me authority over everything in the kingdom but you, and there is a reason we shouldn’t do it, it would mean sinning against my God and sinning against the King’, he had great spiritual strength was built, he was able to see clearly and explain to her why he would not do it even when she threatened him. Relationship wise, your built up spirit will not agree with a spouse full of speaking deceit. I’ve read things like “i don’t know why something doesn’t just make me agree with him” that’s a knowing inspired by the Holy Spirit.

An understanding from the book gave me ways to build a strong spirit, listed as follows
1. “Eat” the Word of God, putting the word of God daily into your being consistently, if you go in shallow, you will have shallowness if you go in deep, you will have depth and strength. An attack is sent then you sense it in your spirit and you clear it off,  because you already have what it takes you have the word, launch into the spirit speak against the source of anything not right in the spirit. Psalm119:11-thy word have I hid in my heart that I might not sin against thee. The bible says any one that falls in the day of adversity his strength is small, how do you get strength? By the Word. Jesus himself it might look fry and boring at first but keep at it don’t shake. You will get that word spoken to your heart by the Holy spirit Himself, how good is that.
2. Develop a constant prayer life: make sure you have time to commune with God stay there that place of prayer, you receive instructions from there it might be audible, for God to speak to is not the hard part it is our sensitivity to hear HIM speaking that’s the thing. Pray in tongues the bible says its a way to be built up in the most holy faith. If you don’t have this gift yet pray ask God and He will surely do.
It pays more than anything else to walk and live in the spirit, Every of your steps are guided by your creator Himself, He knows when you came and He knows when you’re leaving. Been busy is not an excuse, Newsflash: the devil is also busy looking for a soft place to devour so he can enter, your body that is doesn’t respect the covenant of marriage or sanctity, it’s how built your spirit is, that’s how much you can say NO! if you don’t tell your body what to do, it will keep you from building a strong spirit and a productive life for the kingdom of God. Have a built up spirit, it will conquer emotions and whatever device of the enemy.

There is so much more to learn from this book, get it in the links below and become a better person.                                                                                                                                      Amazon :


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  1. Holy Spirit is the lifewire of Christianity. He (Holy Spirit) can still help us like he did during the Bible time if we can give him the room to operate in our lives.

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