Road to 2020……

I wrote this short yet profound article 363 days ago, on the first day of this year. Read and be blessed….

“I want to share some thoughts right here before morning. Have you noticed that the New Year without all the geographic facts and theories about the rotation of the earth and all… Do you notice that today, tonight or yesterday could just be like all the other days in the year just aside the sound of knockouts and powerful aromas from different delicacies? Then why is it really a New Year if we don’t regard these things because to me they are only necessary festivities, they do not really give a reason why we should have a new year after some months and days……. The New Year to me should be a time for two things, a fresh start and betterment of what you are currently doing. The first day in the New Year would be the same thing and could just pass as the continuation of days on the calendar or just a change of figures. Just a short charge to you reading this, take a critical accessment of 2018, what did you start? Develop it and make it grow. What did you wish you did in 2018 but didn’t? Make a better plan and a practical one to make sure you achieve it! Example of your relationship with God, how was it in 2018, do you like the level or you’d prefer to become even closer to your God? I know you don’t want the habits and attitudes (remember my last year New Year’s charge, smiles) that slowed down your progress in 2018 to do same in 2019, most of the time, trends are the hindrances, you see a trend like the ‘F’ word, it shouldn’t be! Just think about it, what’s the meaning? Think about all the time you’ve used it, make a conscious decision to stop it, 2019 is going to be the best year yet if only you want to make it so. Think of the days of your life as golden moments, once gone, it’s what happened that will be remembered. God bless you, happy new year again.

Micah Timmy

I hope it blessed you.

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Have a great 2020!