What comes to mind first after hear1ing this words? The first thing i guess maybe is   ‘aren’t they the same thing?’ However they are quite different from each other.

All about a man’s success in life lies around these three things and their dimensions, Plans(Do you have the right plan, is it God’s plan for creating you?), Purpose(Is this your Purpose of being on the earth of being a human not an animal?, the reason for doing what you are doing right now), Pursuits (Are you pursuing the right thing; the original plan from God the manufacturer in the direction of fulfilling your Purpose, are your actions/steps in other words your pursuits corresponding to your Purpose?) Think about this………

1.Cor 2:1-5 spoke about how Paul a man fulfilling purpose with the right plans, and the right pursuits all gotten from God His Creator, had nothing else in mind not excellency of speech or starched Shirt, or the most pretty beards or having the most beautiful body but was focused on his goal and nothing but his purpose that the gospel be preached and reach as many people as possible. There is a saying “the end will justify the means”  that is it doesn’t matter what challenges you encounter in the path of fulfilling purpose what is most important is your result. Yes that’s how much important it is.


Why are you doing what you are doing?

Be it hairdressing, coding, writing, teaching, fashion designing, modelling,singing, whatever it is you are doing, what is your motive(plan) for doing it, is it the physical revenue that could come with it or with the purpose of fulfilling God’s purpose which is Knowing Christ and making Him known in all that we do? Whatever you do no matter the situation, your life’s vision must always align with the eternal purpose of knowing God and making Him known always come from God by knowing what God has created in you naturally(There is something unique created in you), His words assure us ; Matt.6:33 – “Seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all other things(money,wealth, good health, right relationships e.t.c) will be added” without even asking for it.

Rick warren

It has been clearly evident that a lot of people do stuff, a lot of people embark on visions just because their friends or colleagues did it or are doing it or because some people have done it and succeeded in it, note this that a plan worked for someone doesn’t in any way mean it will work for you, you are created uniquely, there is a Heaven’s secrets that was in the mind of God when He created you and you need to discover it because continuing in a wrong path will surely bring dissatisfaction sooner or later, you like it or not it because there is something that comes with fulfilling purpose you feel happy nonetheless. It is something that you can almost do without charging a price. Pay attention to the burning desire, that one you are scared of telling people about  the one on your mind, the one you love to do and can do almost free to charge that is likely to be your PURPOSE!!! Draw near to get directions from Him on how to live your life, on how to be the best you can be to be the best He has created you to be. Above all direct your PURSUITS(what you do as you go everyday) in His PLANS(the reason He created) & PURPOSE(to know Him and to make Him known).

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