I LOVE YOU BUT MY PARENTS SAY NO by Pastor Kingsley Okonkwo

Someday all the love you’ve every shown will find it’s way back you and stay

Three chapters of the book came as questions and by God’s grace we are going to review them very rightly as the Spirit leads. Let’s roll……..

As Christians the manual and guide for our optimal operation on this earth is the bibleI love you but my parents say no, it is greater and more powerful than any cultural belief or anything at all, it is the word of God and  inspired by God profitable for doctrine(guidelines by which man lives),for reproof(cross checking the facts again),correction(adjustment and realignment), and for instruction(for direction) in righteousness(to be in right standing with God, getting to the height God wants you and me to get. That the man of God (child of God) might be perfect and furnished unto all good works, IITim.3:16-17, so in anything we are doing we should make sure that it is in line with the bible because from it we discover successful principles and all, the bible says brethren above all I wish that thou prospereth even as thy soul prospers), so we’d be looking reviewing this book not by cultural, societal or modern standards but by our life manual….the Holy Bible.

 1st question: Can my parents choose a spouse for me? There is a case in the bible when Abraham chose a wife for Isaac his son to marry, a lot of parents have used this as something to hold on to but for the fact that it is in the bible doesn’t make it a biblical principle, so let’s be clear on that. Now let’s look ata what the bible says about making the choice of a partner, in  Proverbs,18:22a, the bible says according to the King James Version of the bible that he(the man) who finds a wife finds a good thing, not the other way round, so the debate on if a lady can approach a guy verbally about her feelings for him is 110% wrong according to the bible(the word of God: our life-guide is the ultimate and doesn’t make provisions for such) . Back to our question topic can my parents choose a partner for me, according to the bible again the answer is NO! but it’s important you seek their guidance and allow them direct you, they’ve been through that path before so their experience could be very vital! However, there are homes today that have become separated because the couples were “arranged” for each other, some happens because of closeness between the families, ethnic backgrounds or archaic beliefs. The book says a lot more about this that’s why you need to get it and really study it, it is a book loaded with great information for everyone single or married(because someone might ask you for some advice someday). The bible says train up a child in the way that he should go when he grows up he will NOT depart from it, if as a parent you have trained your child well enough you won’t be afraid of your child taking a wrong step!! Listen it’s a proven fact that whatever you don’t labor for you can’t value so on a lighter note maybe that’s why ladies have that special character that makes them bosses each time a guy asks them out *smiles* , so the bible also says “for this cause a man shall leave his parents and cleave to his wife” the depth here is that the word “leave” means he shall leave their food, their house and everything they are providing for him and cleave to his wife and have his own life!!!4






Do i have to obey my parents?

Again we’d look at the bible, in Eph.6:1-4 the bible says “Children obey your parents IN the Lord” emphasis on the word “IN” if your parent tells you that they already have someone planned for you to marry, that is not a situation that the bible recommends you to obey them, obey  them but make the Word of God the standard to any advice from anybody, if you are advised do this and it’s not in line with the scriptures  by the help of the Holy Spirit,  make them understand that it’s against the will of God and you won’t be able to follow you…..

Trust me, this is just a tip of what is loaded in the book, get it read it and grow….

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