Holy Spirit my senior partner

The Holy Spirit and His workings is one very crucial part of the Christian faith and very importantly in the journey to success that is barely understood and reckoned with and in some circles where it is, it is known in theory, well after this review and reading the book, you would agree with me that the Holy Spirit is more real than we have always assumed Him to be.

The Holy Spirit is God’s divine executive agent for everyone that has willfully accepted God’s offer (the Holy Spirit is gentle, He doesn’t barge into you, He comes on request from fellowship with Him) to not go about life without direction, the Holy Spirit works in such ways with His inhabitants that the richest executives will pay all is required to have a partner like HIM, what better partner can you get that the one that informs to prepare you ahead of what will be said at the meeting before the date of the meeting or an all knowing executive that leads you into studying the right materials for your exams? The author, Pastor David Yonggi Cho has quite a number of examples of how he has benefited and looked better than he really is even on occasions which could have become so messy if He didn’t have the Holy Spirit.


There is something the author calls humanistic Faith which is creating our own model of worship to God by reordering the original plan of God for our reasoning ability, take a cue from the report of Paul in the book of Acts 15:28 a which says “For it seemed good to the Holy Ghost and to us” not the other way round, so for us to live a life led by the Holy Spirit, we need to always be led firstly by the Holy Spirit so when it pleases Him, then we should be pleased from Him being pleased.

In page 85 of the book, the author says that “we tend to limit the teaching of the Holy Spirit to scholarly doctrine but the Holy Spirit educates the whole personality of the believer”

Being a scholarly Christian in medicine or engineering or IT shouldn’t stop you from being educated in the things of the Spirit, you’ve always learnt by senses but this time you are taught by the understanding of the Word of God via revelation knowledge and from this it leads believers towards lessons to be learnt.

The Holy Spirit of God comes with great and purposeful gifts for the life of those filled with Him, grouped into 3 in the book as “The gifts of revelation”, “The Vocal gifts” and “The gifts of power”.

These gifts of the Holy Spirit are not gifts for only Pastors or church ministers but is essential for the successful living of every Christian who is conscious of fulfilling purpose while on earth, they are gifts from God Himself to guide and lead us into His will, for instance, when the gift of wisdom is manifested in a man’s life, he possesses and provides such unparalleled wisdom that the natural mind can not.

Walking with the Holy Spirit is very important especially in times like this where nations are warring against other nations and people are been killed everyday for no offence.

I believe you can also have the same intimate relationship with the Holy Spirit that David Yonggi Cho says is at the heart of his effective ministry. Cho sees himself as the junior partner of the Holy Spirit in his daily work of accomplishing the portion of God’s plan assigned to him.

Cultivate your relationship with the Holy Spirit today and be conscious of His presence, He wants to walk with you and like the dove, He is gentle so He won’t barge in until you invite Him and relate with Him.


This book is a must have for every Christian because it drives a thirst for the gifts of the Spirit in you and it teaches you to in full the workings and ways of the Holy Spirit.

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