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The book “GOOD OR GOD” by JOHN BEVERE is a book that has received several accolades from various and accomplished men and women in the world ranging from leadership expert, John Maxwell to the renowned preacher Joyce Meyer, lessons gleaned from the book might sound ‘hard’ but are very edifying and I’m very sure that at the end of this review and as you read the book, you’d also give thanks to God for the timely message from author and the book. If you have purchased the book and if not scroll quickly to the end and say the prayer at the end of the introduction in the opening pages. (Amen).

‘Mark.10.18 – And Jesus said to him, Why do you call Me [essentially and perfectly morally] good? There is no one [essentially and perfectly morally] good – except God alone. [AMP] ‘

Can you imagine meeting Jesus in His days and for the first time you are seeing HIM and you come to hail him just as the man in verse 17 of Mark chapter 10 said, you might say something like this – ‘Hello Mr Jesus, wow! finally I’m meeting you, I’ve heard a lot of good and wonderful things about you, I’ve heard how you healed people and performed a lot of miracles, how you teach so wonderfully, you are indeed a good teacher, I also heard that you………..” And Jesus comes in before you finish your statement and says ‘no one is essentially and perfectly, morally good except God’ if I was the one I could have possibly doubted if He was the One I’ve been hearing about, like so you mean with all the good things you’ve been doing, you are not still calling yourself good?

At that point, it’s possible to rethink and say, “I don’t think this is Jesus”, but with the knowledge and revelation of scriptures I have now by the grace of God, I’d say it is because Jesus knew what the standard of the human good was and He was not going to allow Himself to be dragged into the human’s view of good.

Many times we’ve become victims of approving things that seems good on the surface. (Let’s put it in the context of choosing a partner). What would you think of a man that has a job, a car and has money, he has enough cash to spare? goes to church on Sundays, admonishes sometimes, involved in church service, gives offerings, pay tithes helps people, e t.c, he’s a good man, right?

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A man or woman can portray goodness, show it all around him and he can be nicknamed Mr or Miss Good, but have you thought of how many relationships, how many decisions, how many ideas has headed for the rocks because it looks good. Just take a moment and think on something you did recently, ‘it’s good, yes it looks like a brilliant step but is it God that ordained it?’, that is are you sure it’s defying the real meaning of good. In the bible, Hebrews 11(a chapter about the heroes of faith, they were men of faith but things they did that was counted as faith wasn’t looking good to the human senses, See Hebrews vs 8, we see of Father Abraham, the bible says […he went out of his original land, where he was born and did not know where he was going, like he was going from a place where he knows well, he and his wife would have just been very good right there but because it was God and there was no other good apart from HIM, and the bible say so Abraham moved, he got the instruction in a verse and he moved in the next verse, we can say he moved without knowing where he was going [paraphrased by me]).

If we really take time to think about it, It’s good but is it godly? in other words, will it be beneficial on the long run?

A man can be seen as good by a woman, they end up getting married and the marriage will start falling apart, because a successful marriage is not built on the supposed or perceived goodness of any man but on the God – factor which is the real good that should be driving the couple, people are everywhere with broken homes even though they are good at what they do, they give a lot of gifts and do a lot of things for the public but the bible says “there is a way that seems right to a man but the end of it is destruction”.


We’ve left out God’s standard of good that’s why our societies are falling apart bit by bit, we have chosen to make our own standard of good of marrying a person such as, he or she must have this or that assets or no marriage when sometimes the good of God for you is to build together an empire that will outlast generations and make you live peacefully forever. This has caused great evil to our societies because as the family breaks, the society breaks and if we do no quickly put an end to this issue in our world starting from now, we would wake up one day and realize the evil that has been done and it might be too late to start the recovery process. Think again, Is it good of godly?

Let’s take a flashback to the fall of man in the beginning, madam Eve according to the bible saw that ‘that fruit was good(the word ‘good’ again) – Gen.3:6. I think it’s very self explanatory, she saw that it was good and pleasant to the eyes to eat from, in our generation, we’d think of the nutritional benefits and how well, it will nourish and enrich our bodies but just like eve we forget to check our decisions if it has an everlasting repercussion.


The bible is a more than a book, it is our life manual from our manufacturer providing all the needed details for all situations, we have identified a problem , let’s get the solution, King Solomon in 1 Kings chapter 3 verse 9, prayed like this – “Give therefore thy servant an understanding heart to judge thy people, that I may discern between good and bad: for who is able to judge this thy so great a people? [KJV]”

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Note this that Solomon was not a dull man at least he would have tapped some genetically from his Father David, but he knew deep inside that there is something beyond just the good on the surface level, he asked for an understanding heart to discern between what is truly good and what is truly evil and after he got his wish he grew to become the “greatest” man in world history, there are proofs of this everywhere, an investor, invest money in a business that looks lucrative today, he invest money and the market falls against it, then he enters into a regretful state which might in turn cause illness in his body. He should have just sought God at first then he would have been saved. “for whosoever shall call on the name of the Lord shall be saved”

If Solomon needed an understanding heart in his days where there was no technology, in the days where dignity and sanctity were normal, how much more do we need it in days like this?.

Eve said she that forgot that she had over 1 million fruits from different trees to eat from and was deceived by the serpent to the one she didn’t have, be grateful for what you have, it puts you in a position to receive more! Be grateful for what you have.Only if Eve had thought and was grateful maybe she would not have fallen to the trap

Study this Book of Instruction continually. Meditate on it day and night so you will be sure to obey everything written in it., only then will you prosper and succeed in all you do. (Joshua 1:8 NLT)

In Conclusion, In our daily quest as humans, our lives are laced with uncertainty, a lot of times we faced situations laced and coated but the good news is walking with God and doing HIS will that is not placing intellect upon the wisdom of the Word of God will make us the superstars, HE has created us to be.

Eve was a woman in the Bible which is simply a typical example of an average young man or woman faced with situations where critical decisions has to be made, a lot of times they are usually appealing and profitable from the onset than the one that will be truly beneficial over a long time or had a better bargain compared to the other. We now stand a chance to either make a choice to choose the one that looks so attractive and cheap and falls well into the budget even though it might not last long and can be of a counterfeit quality.

Eve saw that the fruit was suitable and pleasant according to Genesis 3:6(AMP.) that’s why she ate it. Have you ever thought of why a child is enticed with candy or what interests the child to lead him into doing something even some times against his own personal good in the long run? A lot of times, the devil presents alternatives that looks better than what is truly good and beneficial given by God , the devil polishes it so well that it looks like the best decision you can ever make but the Bible says this “there is a way that seems right unto a man but the end thereof is destruction”.

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Finally, God is good irrespective of our status, that is God doesn’t love us because we are good but HE makes us good because HE loves us!

It’s good and beautiful on the outside but that doesn’t mean it can’t be a trap set by the devil with the strategy of making it look appealing to trick us to missing God make it look appealing to us and deceive us to missing God..


I’d like us to pray that prayer of Solomon as it applies to our lives. *Father I pray that you give me an understanding heart to discern between what is good and evil, because I am so unable to lead a good life without You in Jesus name(Amen)*

God bless you for reading.

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