An enemy called average“AN ENEMY CALLED AVERAGE” is written for individuals and organizations unsure of what to do, for growing leaders,ย  and for those who think they have amassed so much information and have become so informed that they no longer get interested in learning and hence gradually lose the drive to aspire to be better.

I learned recently that Real leaders are people who are always willing to learn, unlearn and relearn. Ultimately this is what success and significance in life are built on!๐ŸŽฏ

Mediocrity is not a point where anyone either of faith or not of faith should be in, according to the book, it is a region ( a state of mind ) bound by compromise( settling for the nearest available option), indecision( inability to make decisions most times based on fear), past thinking(dwelling on occurrences from the past) and lack of vision. (inability to see and cast a plan for a dream future).
This main purpose of writing this book according to the author is to help us answer the question in the bible Genesis 3:9; “Where are you?” Take some time to reflect and look within, where are you in the projects, dreams, directives, solutions, visions, placed on your heart to bring to the earth? where are we in the effective and productive utilization of the gifts and talents, we have been given to make our world a better place?

The book is written in nuggets and the first nugget from the book is “Your Least Favorite Color Should Be Beige” which I would rephrase to TAKING THE OFFENSIVE” in other words BE PROACTIVE.

Being proactive or taking the offensive simply means happening to life, it means not waiting on something to happen but making things happen, not waiting for opportunities to come but attracting opportunities by preparing for them before it comes!

You should wake up every day with a refreshed hope, forgetting what didn’t work out yesterday, forgetting what you couldn’t achieve yesterday and facing today with the understanding that every day presents you another rare opportunity to live better than yesterday, make sure every day is better lived than the previous day”
Intimidation by circumstances of life precedes defeat, be that person that takes the initiative on projects, don’t be satisfied being the back player but build and equip yourself to be nominated as the front liner! Pray to God to lead you, step out in faith and see God’s victory rolling out through you.

If you don’t take the shot, you won’t win the game! – Benjamin Hardy

2nd Nugget: Growth comes from building on talents, gifts and strengths – Not by solving problems.
This second nugget deals with the quest for Purpose. The discussion on fulfilling purpose has been one that has always been on the minds and mouths of a lot of young people in the quest for success and significance in life. John Maxwell said: The area of your giftedness is your purpose! Meaning stop wandering around, that thing you can do is what you should be doing, Fela Durotoye, a business consultant and Leadership speaker said someone passed by his house and saw his cars and wondered “is it just by rolling spits in the mouth that Fela was able to get all this?”

Stop looking for what is not lost, your purpose is inside you!

Stop looking! and start living your purpose – Micah Timileyin

You see, your best is loaded in your natural gifts and talents, stop going where God has not equipped you to go, you are created purposefully and you should live by design so you can function optimally!!!

The gifts are there, walk in it, God gave them to you, Scripture says “the gifts of God are without repentance”. The gifts are there on a purpose, people are attached to the fulfillment of your purpose, live it!

Reading this book made me see that real and lasting success is not made in microwaves even as that is the situation we find ourselves today, a lot of us want success to happen since yesterday ๐Ÿ˜Š which is very good, with the hope that you are going to blow; a Nigerian parlance for sudden and famous success ๐Ÿคญ but instead of you to focusing on “blowing”, my advice to you will be to focus more on risingย  ๐Ÿ’น ๐Ÿ’น ๐ŸŽ ๐ŸŽ
A lot of times we see the glory of some great people(our mentors and some others) but we forget the story that produced the glory…….

This is the natural order of things, check all the successful people you know, look for their startup stories, example from the Bible; David; when he was killing the bear and lion, maybe he was even thinking of finding his purpose but alas what he was doing led him to his purpose and that was the story that became his success as a king of 22,072 km!๐Ÿ‘‘
Another man, Jeff Bezos, the Founder of Amazon at a time was an attendant in an eatery, he was selling and attending to customers, what does he still do today?
He sells all over the world!

Something happened before SOMETHING happened!

And according to one of my mentors, real success is not baked in microwaves, they are cooked in casseroles.

What’s the best time of the day? NOW is the best time of the day!

What’s the best time of the year? NOW is the best time of the year!

The best time to do anything is now, my friends, procrastination is defined as a thief of time but it does more than that, procrastination is mostly caused by the mistake of thinking you have time to do “it” later, we need to understand that time is a very limited yet equal resource, it’s 24 hours flat, no more no less.!
The author highlights two ways of overcoming procrastination, he said to take away every excuse of not doing what you are supposed to do and that time must be invested productively not actively, to buttress that I would like to say that to overcome anything, your will is the most important if you use all the principles and the theories by various experts and professionals without a willing heart will produce little or no change, note that every change starts from the heart and from these principles can be applied and work adequately.

You know there is a lot more to glean and learn from this book, trust me there is!

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