The Importance of Reading


Why reading is so important

        I was read a story about Bill Gates on social media about when he met Warren Buffet (the two richest men on the world) a long time ago and the gift he got from Warren Buffet was one of Mr Warren’s favorite book , imagine what great men like Bill gates are doing, even as old as they are, they live a devoted to studying to getting better by the day. Let’s learn from them.

      The Nobel Laureate from Nigeria, Professor Wole Soyinka said in an interview that everyday we live, we write maybe not on paper but somewhere in the sub-conscious of course it is like that only for those living a life of consistent study, studying builds your mind up, so the level or type of building, of been built will depend on what kind of materials studied.

      The great Warren Buffet was asked somewhere? Please can you tell us the secret of success, he pointed at a stack of books and said “read 500 of it pages everyday that’s how knowledge works, it build up like compound interest, I know many of you can but I guarantee that you won’t”  You see when we read, our minds get developed, a developed mind thinks rightly because it has been cultivated d and serves as a guide.

       I know this for sure that on this planet earth, I don’t know of others, there is no  human being that has ever made outstanding success or achieved an enviable height in life that has stayed without being devoted to books, no matter the tribe, religion or  diversity.

      Take a look at someone like Mark Zuckerberg (CEO and founder Of Facebook and it’s subsidiaries) even though he did not finish his college(university) degree, he is a devoted lover of books, check his pictures on IG, quotes on Facebook, LinkedIn e.t.c My friends success is of course possible without reading but I can assure you, that business or career that you are not educated on the level of discipline,commitment,leadership, selflessness, focus,order, skills and  all about I can tell you it can not stand the test of time with people that have are immersed and dedicated in the knowledge of it. You are in a market, only knowledge differentiates you! It makes you stand out!

        In conclusion, almost everyone in the world today has either a hard copy Bible or a soft copy on our devices and if not I sincerely urge you to get one. The bible is not just a book or a holy book, it is not just for keeping records that “oh wow! I have a bible”, it is for our consumption, it is a will from our Father, the Creator of everything that loved us so much that sent His Son and Jesus has now died so when a Father here dies He leaves a will for his children, our will is the BIBLE, studying it gives you a knowledge about yourslef firstly and about everything even to your career, studying and understanding the bible will you give you an understanding about your field that you would’nt get from any other place, there are a lot of things in it; the example of an aeroplane for transporting human and cargo:in the bible a bird was used to send food from a “terminal” to the wilderness. Joshua.1.8 – “This Book of the Law shall not depart out of your mouth, but you shall meditate on it day and night, that you may observe and do according to all that is written in it. For then you shall make your way prosperous, and then you shall deal wisely and have good success”[AMP].

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